5 Reasons to NOT wear lingerie

When people find out that  I sell luxury lingerie, I usually get 2 reactions.

The first is one of interest. Usually by a lingerie lover.

The second is usually an array of reasons, or excuses as I like to call them, about why they don't wear or buy lingerie.

While I realize it just might not be your thing, below are the 5 most used reasons and my responses to them.


1. I don't have anyone to wear it for.

This is by far the one that I hear the most! 

This one actually makes me a bit sad. It's like saying that you need someone else to help you feel beautiful, sexy or confident. 

You don't!

Think of it this way,

If you put on a pretty dress or even your favorite pair of jeans because you love how they make your butt look, giving you a little boost for the day,

how is that any different from putting on something beautiful, luxurious or even a little kinky (whatever your mood for the day!) under your clothes?

What you wear really does affect your mood, your walk , how you present yourself.

 Think of how you feel when you are lounging in a pair of sweats...

Now think of how you feel when you get dressed up for an occasion...

You can't deny that it does make you feel different!

And besides, you can still lounge in your sweats while wearing lingerie.

It's like walking around all day with your "dirty little secret!"

Why do you think it's named "Victoria's Secret"!

2.It is too expensive:

Ok, Ok , so you are right. Some lingerie is expensive. 

But there are good reasons why. In the world of lingerie, you really do get what you pay for!

The luxury lingerie uses expensive, delicate fabrics, well made clasps, (some even 24 karat gold) and is sewn with great care. Many times by hand.

I was a seamstress for years, and I can tell you that a lot care and time goes into making beautiful, luxury lingerie.

Fortunately, I have taken how cost affects you into consideration.

That is why I have payment options for you through Klarna.

You can choose to pay in 4 equal installments every 2 weeks, or not make any payment for 30 days! 

Think of it as a try it before you buy it!

3. I am only going to wear it for a few minutes, why buy something so expensive to only be worn a few times

This one has always baffled me.

Firstly, you DO wear lingerie everyday. Lingerie does not mean something you only wear for someone else a few times. 

Lingerie is in fact your bras and panties that you wear everyday.

Just as there are t-shirts compared to a silk blouse...

There are different types and styles of lingerie.

You can choose to go to Walmart and buy your lingerie if that is your thing. I personally don't like to purchase something so intimate in front of strangers.

Secondly, if you do wear something more of luxury, darn right I am wearing that ALL DAY and NIGHT!

The way I see it, if I spend my hard earned money on something really nice for myself, I am definitely going to wear it.

And if you are wearing it to spice up love life, great. I am sure your partner will appreciate seeing you in it and OFTEN!

Really it comes down to a choice, if you choose to only wear your nice lingerie for a few minutes, I think you are missing out on the fun part of having the lingerie in the first place.

4. I am too old or not thin enough


I have actually had women say this to me.

I didn't realize there was an age limit on wearing something beautiful.


As for not being thin enough, I purposely chose an image for this blog with a larger than average sized woman. And she looks SMOKIN" HOT!


5. others might see it under my clothes:


That is part of the fun on wearing something so lovely and maybe even a bit kinky.

Nothing wrong with a velvet bra strap showing, or the small outline of your garter straps.

Of course, I understand this might not be your thing and really do want to conceal what intimates you are wearing.

We as women already know how to do this quite well. Have you ever changed out a light colored top because it revealed the outline of your bra too much for your comfort?

This is no different.

So, I must say if this is your excuse not to wear lingerie, it is not a very good one.


And hey if wearing nicer lingerie really isn't your thing, that's ok.

But please don't use a silly excuse to not even try it.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. 

Please comment below and let me know what you think.



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