Bad Ass Women!

I have been talking to some amazing, incredible women. They are beautifully Flawed, just like all of us are in our own unique ways.


I truly believe that instead of trying to cover up these flaws, you should embrace them, love them and even show them off!

Miki Mouth showing her bad ass self off!


You ARE Perfectly Imperfect!


Every month I am going to feature one of these Bad Ass Women who are willing to share their story. My hope is that it will inspire you and others to embrace yourself.

And to know that we all have a bad ass living inside of us! You are much stronger than you realize!

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Almost forgot, to help you come out of your shell and tell your story to the world, you will receive a lovely gift from me and a gracious discount on any product in my store.

That being said, I would love to introduce the first Sheer Fetish BAD ASS Woman!

Miki Mouth ( obviously a pseudo name, but definitely adorable!)

Miki Mouth in black and white modeling her bad ass self!


I met Miki when I reached out to her on instagram. She always has a positive message to post and I love that about her. 

I feel that we connected instantly. While  she is younger in age than I am, we have very similar experiences in life.

She has been an inspiration to me to remind me that every one is beautiful and has something to offer... no matter what! 

Miki has listened when I when I needed to vent  and I feel that we have formed a really great budding friendship. That is how I feel when I speak to her, as though I have known her my whole life!

She has shown me that she is a compassionate person, regardless of what she has endured.


She is brave, strong and one BAD ASS WOMAN!!!

Here is Miki's story in her own words.

Miki Mouth modeling her greatness



My name is Miki,

I was a broken girl, from a broken home, who constantly had to piece herself together.
Ashamed of my scars I used to hide behind many masks and would keep most people at a comfortable distance. I was so scared to let people get close and felt that if they knew about my past and all the unpleasant things I've had to endure that they wouldn't be able to accept or love me.
I used to think that in order to be happy I needed the love and validation of others.
I've learned in time that another person cannot make you happy, they can only add on to your happiness. In order to be happy, we need to be able to love ourselves first.
You may have heard people say that we are a product of our circumstances. Me, myself, I like to think that we are more a product of our choices, our decisions. We can chose to let our circumstances define us or we can decide to accept them and use them to help us grow and evolve into the person we want to be.
When we accept what has happened to us knowing we cannot change what's in the past, yet still muster up enough courage to change and better our future, I believe that's how we can become strong.
You have to look for the blessing in every curse. My favorite thing to say is there is always a rainbow out there somewhere after every storm we just have to look for it. We have to look for the good that can come from every situation.
I have been abused mentally and physically, raped, and sexually assaulted within my lifetime.
Because of these situations one could see how easily it would be for a person to become bitter, angry and fall down a dark path.
However I choose to fight my anxiety, depression, and PTSD daily and try to best the best me I can be. No matter how many times I've been knocked down and shattered, I will always pick up my pieces and glue myself back together regardless of how long or what it may take.
I am resilient and have decided to practice more self love.
When you start practicing self love, you start to see how beautiful you are imperfections, scars and all .
I know my scars and imperfections do not define me. However, I understand how the experiences I've gone through, even bad ones, have impacted my life and shared a part in shaping me into the person that I am today.
I love myself flaws and all for I am beautifully imperfect. 

Photography by: @whitakerfoto

To see what Miki is up to you can follow her here:@miki__mouth


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