Be someone new

It is that time of year.... Halloween!!

My absolute favorite!


Be someone new for them

No joke, I usually have 2 or 3 costumes I wear through out the week of the festivities.

"Why?" you ask...

Because it is one of the few times of the year that I can literally transform into some one else.... in public!

Which brings me to my point. 

You are allowed to be whatever persona you choose in the bedroom.

Let me explain.

You have many different sides and facets to your personality and character. Often, you compartmentalize those parts of you.

There is the "work" version of you.

And then there is the "parent" version of you.

As well as the "significant other" version of you.

Along with many other definitions of who you are.

Imagine this...

You go to a work function with your significant other or even a friend. Upon arriving you hear someone yell across the room,

" Hey Bob!! Look everyone Bob  is here! It's the funny man Bob! "

You are thinking," What? Do they actually mean my the same Bob that I can't even get to crack a smile? He is always so serious!"

Or something like that...

All of us have a tendency to show different parts of ourselves depending on the company.

I do it.

YOU do it, probably without even realizing it.

It's not that you are lying or purposely hiding that part of you, you simply feel more comfortable showing that part of yourself around others who resonate with that part of you.

It's great that we can relate to so many others in different ways.

But here is the one problem with that.

We have a tendency to always keep only showing that side of ourselves to the same people over and over again. Like a broken record that keeps playing the same 3 songs over!

That is why we feel so upset and confused to find out that our ex actually liked classical music this whole time. 

Or that they secretly  hated Mexican food.

This creates a problem because when you know all the lyrics to those 3 songs, you feel like we REALLY know the other person. That you GET them. 

When in reality, you only know small little parts that they have chosen to share with you.

And besides, you are evolving and changing all the time. Just like every one else. 


Share one new thing everyday this week with your significant other or a friend about yourself. Something they may have not known about you or that you were afraid they would judge you for.

Chances are they in return will share something with you...

Then you do become someone new in their eyes and vice versa.

You get to finally enjoy a new song together.

You get to enjoy Halloween all the time and be some one new!

I suggest you do this often.

I would love to hear your feedback on this. Comment below with your thoughts.

Thank You for sharing,


(owner of Sheer Fetish)

 Photo by xandro Vandewalle on Unsplash



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