Corsets for the tiny woman( This is for V.... the ultimate tiny woman!)

After receiving a comment on a blog I posted, I realized the need to touch on the subject of sizing for the tiny woman! 

There is a lot of talk and constant buzz around plus sized women. As there should be. There was a long period of time when it Plus size was not even available. I do believe every woman should have something luxurious and beautiful to wear!

However, in the midst of making sure that the average sized woman and plus sized woman are accommodated, I have completely forgotten about the tiny woman!

Which is irony in itself, considering that I AM A TINY WOMAN! I am 5'2' tall and weigh about 102 on a good day! 

I like to describe myself as an espresso cup! Meaning I am the same proportions as a regular sized coffee cup, only on a smaller scale! Fun Size, if you will.

Now before I hear the moans and feel the eye rolls from the "average sized and plus sized women", please understand that being a tiny woman has complications as well. 

I will give you an example: 

Often times I hear from others that I am "too thin", "I should eat another sandwich" , " I can have all the desserts I want", blah, blah, blah!

Let me just say on behalf of all the tiny women out there, It is just as rude to tell someone they are too skinny as it is to tell someone they are too fat!

I do not have to gain weight in order to suddenly be a standard size anymore than a person needs to lose weight in order to fit into a norm!

We need to remind ourselves that everyone is created in a different light, with a different body type and size. We should be celebrating that, not excluding and chastising it. 

Ultimately, I believe that everyone should strive for healthiness. If you are healthy, (i.e. eating healthy and exercising regularly) then it does not matter what size you are. Unless, there is another underlying health issue, if you are honestly taking care of yourself, then that is the size you are supposed to be.

Believe me, I have heard it all! 

When you get older, you will gain weight...

When you have kids, you will get bigger...

If you eat more protein...

Go on a beer diet,( no joke, someone actually suggested this!)

I am 46 years old with 4 children. I eat healthy and exercise regularly. I am the exact same size I was when I was 18. I think I am supposed to be this size... Tiny

So Please, next time you see someone that might not fit into the norm as far as size or shape, please let it be a reminder that we all come in many shapes and sizes.

It is o.k. to be large, beautiful and robust!

It is o.k. to be tiny and petite (not to be confused with fragile!)

It is o.k. to be more on the average side. 

Now back to the subject at hand: corsetry for the tiny woman.

Corsets are MOSTLY measured according to your waist size. Which is usually not the problem for the tiny woman. There are many corsets that are available in many waist sizes due to the popularity in waist training and corsetry in general.

For example: Corsets are usually sized according to the DESIRED waist size. So if you find one that is listed at an 18" or 20" that should most definitely fit a tiny woman with room for cinching. 

The biggest problem is finding one that fits in the bust area and length.

The obvious choice is to choose an under bust corset or waspie and pair it with a beautiful bra or blouse. This ensures that you will get the waist cinching you so desire and a much better fit!

However, if you truly want an over bust corset experience, there are many fine corsetiers available now. I will be happy to recommend some to you if you are interested. Obviously, it is a bit more pricey to have a custom made corset, but so worth it! 

Actually, I highly suggest this route to anyone of any size if you are looking for a personalized garment. 

Unfortunately, Sheer Fetish does not offer this service, At this time.( Note, I said at this time! Getting my studio up and running prior to taking custom orders! Patience!)

But, I will be more than happy to direct you to some amazing corset makers in the meantime.

Big, Small, Average, Busty, A- cup group, 

doesn't matter. Every one should have the luxury of proper fitting undergarments and fetish wear!

If you need suggestions or have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me anytime.

I can be reached via phone at: (503) 791-4670

email at: or


Cheers and Kink On,

Tara Schafer,

Sheer Fetish


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