F*cking love yourself already!


When I first started this business of selling lingerie, I did it because I LOVE Lingerie and I also thought it would be great to sell something beautiful to women that they would also love. Kind of like how a florist might feel.

To my surprise, when I tell others what I do, I get some surprising reactions. 

From women I get a plethora of EXCUSES, yes they are excuses as to why they don't deserve something luxurious and beautiful.

" I am too old for that sort of stuff"

"Maybe when I lose some weight"

And my personal favorite! "I don't have anyone to wear it for"


Are you ladies serious!

Listen, even if you NEVER buy from me, PLEASE, PLEASE know that you do deserve something beautiful, just for YOU!

Have you ever bought a new shade of lipstick, just because you liked it? It's no different. 

If YOU want something nice and have the means and opportunity to get something just for yourself, DO IT!

You do not need someone else to validate you or be the sole reason you feel attractive.

Ok, I do get that it is nice and feels good to be admired and desired by someone else. But it is not what you are wearing (even under your clothes) that makes you the most attractive. It is that air of confidence you have when you put something on that you feel good in. 

I know, we have all heard the "confidence is sexy" thing before. But maybe we hear it so much because there is some truth to it. 

What would you find more attractive, A person who walks into a room, posture straight, a smile on their face, and a walk that tells everyone in the room they feel good, they have confidence.

Or a person with their head head down, shoulders slumped and looking awkward and maybe even a bit uncomfortable. 

Most of us would notice the first person. And not because of what they are wearing or even look like (clothing, age, weight, etc...). We notice them because of their confidence.

So, stop denying yourself, and making all of those EXCUSES to not feel good. 

Do you, Do what makes you happy. If that means buying some great lingerie to wear under just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, or even wearing nothing underneath. 

It really doesn't matter, just do what feels good for you.

No more excuses!


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