Gentleman's Guide to buying something sexy

So, you want to buy her something sexy to wear... 


Pour your self a nice glass of scotch and let's dive right in...

gentlemans guide to buying something sexy

Let's start at the basics,

You will need to know her size and MOST important, her style.

Now I know most you are like, " I already know what she looks hot in!" But women are complicated. ( Big Surprise!)

You are better off going with something that she feels sexy and comfortable in.

To be honest here fellas, you probably think your lady looks amazing in most anything! She would disagree!

Start by looking at her everyday wear, is it more casual or funky? Does she usually wear dark colors or floral prints? Does she like to dress up and doll herself in makeup or is she always going for the casual look?

If her underwear consist of mostly black, T-bars with some lace and she likes things a little freaky in bed, then she probably wants something more strappy and cage like. Something more on the fetish inspired side.

If she wears lots of florals and lace and likes things a little more romantic in bed, then she probably likes sheer fabrics, think flowing and romantic. 

The point is to think more of how she is between the sheets than what she wears. That will give you a good indication of her natural style.

There ARE exceptions to the rule!

If your woman is for example a tiger in bed, but always dresses demure, then she probably likes your classic styles. Think garter belts, stockings and corsets.

Meaning she likes things to look proper on the outside but loves a bit of a wild side!

You see the point, to know her style of lingerie, PAY ATTENTION more to her actions and how she is in between the sheets!

It is a great way to know her style and taste of undergarments.

Next up... Size!

If you don't know her bra size, DO NOT GUESS! an ill fitting bra is the worst!

If you get savvy enough, look at the tags on two or three of her favorites bras. 

If you want to skip that route altogether, go with something strappy and ajustable. Like what is offered at Sheer Fetish by Collette and Sebastian.

***HINT: you can never go wrong with something strappy and open cupped!

It will make her feel super sexy and hopefully you will have a great thank you for thinking of it.

Don't think too much into it! If you get the wrong size she will most likely be very appreciative of the effort!

Also, I do offer free returns and exchanges if the size is not right.

AND LASTLY: Keep it simple stupid!

If you really want to get her something amazing, try a gift card or even a lingerie subscription. ( a win-win for you both!) I offer gift cards and a  monthly subscription which can be found here for $47.00 per month or a  quarterly lingerie subscription at $97.00 every three months. Then she can pick out what she likes.

Or perhaps you could pick it out together!

I also offer a personalized concierge service for the gentleman to help you in sizing and style preference, tailored to your budget.

If you don't see anything on my site that you like there are plenty of lingerie shops and boutiques all specializing in many styles and sizes. 

So get shopping, and have fun with it. And remember, It is almost like buying yourself a gift also! Afterall you get to make her happy AND see her in something new and sexy.... RRRR!

You can reach me at (503) 791-4670 or at anytime, day or night!

I look forward to helping you make the best choice for your sexy lady!


Tara Schafer

(owner of Sheer Fetish)


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