How to measure yourself for a Corset

Measuring yourself for a corset

     Before you start hunting for your tape measure,

     you know,  rifling through drawers, searching the bottom shelf of your bathroom closet, emptying the contents of ALL your bags and purses; ( Or better yet, you remember that $1.99 impulse buy of the emergency sewing kit you bought 3 years ago that you just knew you would someday need! )  Before you start doing all that chasing,

     let us first learn why it is so important to understand how a corset fits to your body. Therefore, the importance of having a proper fitting one. 

     The main reason it is so important to have a proper fitting corset,

is due to the fact that corsets are made of non stretchy fabrics and contain boning to aid in shaping. If your corset doesn't fit properly you run the risk of ruining the garment. Not to mention being uncomfortable! 

***It should be noted:

that if you experience any discomfort or shortness of breath,


While I love the look and feel of corsets, I am thankful I do not have to subject myself to the same extremes of the Victorian aristocracy , ( as far as corsets are concerned).

If you are interested in waist training in a safe manner, please educate yourself on the subject first.  There are extremes and risk factors to anything. ( waist training articles coming soon... thank you for your patience!)

     Basic Measurements Needed:


     This one is pretty simple.

Measure around your breasts, across the nipple. You might want to measure with an non-padded bra on. This will ensure that "the girls" are in their desired placement.


     Since this is how corsets are measured,

this is the important one to get! Usually shown in inches or centimeters, you want to be sure to get your natural waistline. Not at your belly button. The easiest way to find this is to stand up straight and gently bend at the waist, side to side.

Where you naturally bend, is your natural waist! Making sure that your tape measure is tight but not squeezing, make note of your measurement. 

Now before you jump-the-gun

and press order on your corset, please know that you do not want to order what your natural waist size is. (Otherwise, that defeats the whole purpose of shaping your figure!)

If you are a beginner to corsetry, I suggest going 2-4 inches below your natural waist measurement. For example: If your waist measures 26", get a corset that is listed at 22" -24". That way it gives you the ability to take 2-4 inches off of your natural waistline. 

And remember,

that if you are new to wearing a corset,

take it slow.

If you are not sure what size to get always go with the larger size first. You can always lace tighter or downsize.

***(Especially with our easy 90 day hassle free return and exchange policy! Yes, I know, Cheap shout-out on my part. What's a girl going to do?)


 Your hip measurement is not at your hip bones. It is the largest part of your rump! Once again, be sure the tape measure is snug but not too tight. 

Great now I can order my corset.....

Not yet...

   You need a couple of more measurements depending on the type of corset you are purchasing.

If you are thinking of an under bust corset you need the measurement below your breasts at the top of your rib cage. It is best to go about an inch below the bottom of your breast. ( Remember you can always lace a bit tighter at the top of your corset.)


     The last measurement you may need is to help with determining the proper length of your new corset. Don't confuse this too much. If you are purchasing an under bust corset the length will go from under your bust line to the top of your hips. 

If you are measuring for an over bust, the measurement will go from your nipple to the top of your hips.

*** Keep in mind that if you are thinking of a long line corset the measurement will go to the bottom of your hips. 

     This is a good way to determine if the corset will be comfortable and look good while sitting or standing .

I am a perfect example of this. I happen to be on the smaller side. I often find corsets that would fit me with only my traditional bust, waist and hip measurement.

However, (especially if it is an under bust corset) The length and under the bust measurement is very important! I have bought corsets that unless I was in a perfect standing position, did not fit right at all! 

On the flip side, if you are a larger woman, you can easily go a few inches smaller to get more "instant results" to creating an hourglass figure. The reason is that you are not squishing organs. Basically, you have more cushion for the pushing! Which is great if you are shopping for a corset!

     In conclusion:

Deciding to purchase and wear a corset is and should be an intimate, fun, sexy and yes, confident experience. I do hope this little blog has helped. If you have any more questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Or text me at (503)791-4670 (yes that is my real number!)

Thank You,

Tara Schafer,

Sheer Fetish






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