Know the REAL from the FAKE!

Kink does not mean infidelity!

Too often, when others start to delve into the world of kink or fetish, there is a picture in their mind of someone who has sex willy-nilly and without regard to others.

This is sooooo not true and couldn't be further from the truth!

Most individuals who have a kinky relationship, understand that it is a scared, mutual agreement between all parties involved. 

Basically, if you are using kink, fetish or anything about "the scene" to get a booty call you are giving a bad name to the real kinksters out there who truly want a more meaningful relationship.

You are not kinky, you are simply not an honest person.

Here are a few tips to know if you are dealing with a real kinkster or a fake.


-They immediately want to simply try to hook up with you.

-They may send you inappropriate pics right away.

-They ALWAYS say they are single or have roommates, but can never seem to give or offer a real meeting. ( If they just have roommates, why can't they invite you over to meet the roommates!)


-Will ask good questions about YOU and your situation to see if it is a good fit.

-Will ALWAYS be honest with you about their situation. ( meaning if they say it is ok with their partner that you play together, they will have no problem having their partner meet you as well.

-If you say you are not into to something, they will respect that and be honest about it.

These are just some small, basic tips to help you find the REAL and the FAKE kinksters!

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