Octobers Bad Ass Woman!

For the month of October, I am introducing you to Veneta. 

This woman is amazing! 



Firstly, let me paint a good picture of Veneta for you. She stands all of 4'11", but after meeting her you feel as though you are 4 foot.

I met Veneta while working at a cannery. She once told me that "this place has no room for wimpy women" 

You can not argue with her. Not because she is a "know-it-all" but simply because she is usally right.

She is 71 and a still going strong. Not only does she still get up and work everyday, (just because she wants to.) But she is a cancer survivor and looks 30 years younger than her age.

When people say things to me about how they can't do this or do that due to getting older. I love to use Veneta as an example of what eating right and simple excercising and a positive attitude can do for you. 

Veneta has captured that perfect balance of femininity and being a bad ass! 

She is definitely a force to be reckon with. And one that we all can learn something about what it is to be a woman.

With charm, grace, eloquence and still being able to stand up for yourself.

I recently asked Veneta if she would be willing to be featured here. And she graciously accepted.

I asked her some simple questions about her story. 

Here are her answers in her own words:

Tell me a little about yourself:

I am a 71 year old woman. I had 2 daughters, 5 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren. I was widowed at the age of 53.

I own my own home and have worked for 45 years.

(Okay I have to interject for a moment... I love that Veneta is so humble and gracious that she says she only worked for 45 years. She is a mother, and anyone that is a mother knows that it is a lot work! )

I love animals, gardening, baking and traveling to different parts of our world.

Having my family near me is probably most important to me!!

I had cancer about 10 years ago and I am cancer free since then.

In a mammogram they discovered small spots in over 60% of my breast, which tested positive for cancer.

I did not feel them, nor were they sore. I chose to have my breast fully removed.

Having caught these in such an early stage, eliminated me from having along process of treatment.

How did you choose to overcome everything?

I don't think you ever overcome the fear of cancer returning. But the love and support and understanding through it all has a great bearing in how you mentally process your results. Having access to so many choices of (prosthetics) from silicone to foam forms, I chose foam because it is lightweight. Which adds to the comfort : plus it is very reasonable ($29.00 each)!

Has your outlook and opinion of yourself changed?

Absolutely Not!!!

Do you have any words of wisdom to other women?

Please have routine mammograms yearly! Check your clinics and hospitals for free exams. Early detection is the key! Respect yourself enough to eliminate long battles of painful surgery and treatments. Also, possibly spreading to other parts of the body. Love your family  of you!enough not to put them through the terrible heartache from the loss of you ! 

I am the fourth Person in my family to have cancer.

1. My mom- mouth cancer and breast cancer

2. My Dad massive skin cancer

3. My self- breast cancer

4. My daughter- breast cancer. Who did notget breast exams until it was too late. Spreading to her lymph nodes now is doing lengthy chemotherapy and radiation. Along with a partial removal of her breast. We are all praying for her recovery. All of it could have been caught before it spread with early and routine mammograms.

 Please let Veneta's words inspire you to take care of the girls and yourself!

I have asked some of the people that know her to tell a bit about her. I will be adding these as they come in.

If you can relate to Veneta's story, please comment below and tell me about it.

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If you know someone or even yourself who should be featured as a bad ass, please let me know. You can write to me at tara@sheerfetish.com

I can't wait to hear from you!



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  • Tara Schafer

    Thank you so much for your comments and love! I know Veneta will love it! Share this post to show her how much you appreciate her story. Thank you

  • Andrea

    I have worked with Veneta for 12 years but have known her for over 25 years. I don’t think I know a more giving, caring or just genuine person then Veneta. Over the years I have seen the struggles and tragedies Veneta has been faced with but each time she comes away a stronger more caring person then most can ever dream to be. She has struggled, she has cried, she has hurt but most of all she has survived and overcome. I have nothing but the utmost respect and love for this woman she is what most women strive to become a example to the young on how strong women really are and there’s nothing that can hold you down if you just have faith in yourself. Veneta is my mentor, counselor, teacher and friend and I can only hope one day to be half the woman she is

  • Terri Toy

    Love this story ! So pleased you have chosen a mature woman!

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