Corsets ( The three main types)

Corset Types and Styles

There has been a resurrection of sorts in the world of corsetry.

     Not that long ago it was
thought of as something outdated or only for those strange individuals into costuming, or renaissance fairs. I am glad to say that it has made a come back into the fashion world, in a big way. 

A glorious undergarment that can now be seen on the likes of everyone. Even some A list celebrities. It is even now in fashion to wear a corset over your everyday clothing.

From an elegant evening out to wearing a waspie over your favorite concert tee, the corset has definitely made its presence known.

So for those who are not familiar with this versatile garment, I am here to explain the different types and styles of corsets. Don’t forget to check out our Corset 101 section.

There you will find brief instructions on how to lace your corset and properly care for your corset.
More in depth articles will be available soon on the subject. Along with the history of this amazing garment.

So without further adieu:

There are several styles of corsets. Let’s focus on the 3 main styles first.

Over Bust:

Just as it implies, This is a style of corset that goes from the top of the bust to the hips. The neckline can be straight, scooped, even with shoulder straps. Although the most recognizable is the ever popular sweetheart neckline.

Corsets have a tendency to push the breasts up. (However, not quite as extreme as a push up bra). Having a sweetheart neckline ensures that whether you have large or not so large breasts, it will enhance the area.

Some may mistake a long line bra for a corset. ( sometimes referred to as a half corset.) However, that is misleading as a true corset will have laces for cinching and usually no cups for the breasts.

Under Bust:

An under bust corset is one that lies below the breasts to the hips. This corset can also have a variety of neck lines.( or as it says, bust lines!)

I find that if you have larger breasts, an inverted sweetheart shape works beautifully with an under bust corset. That is not to say that the smaller breasted folk (such as myself) can not look stunning in them as well.

As long as it is a proper fitting corset in all other aspects , the under bust will enhance and showcase your bosom in a flattering way. A straight across bust line does the same.

The only real difference is if there are shoulder straps. If you are blessed with a smaller chest, shoulder straps on an under bust corset work great with a straight bust line.

If you have a larger chest I would suggest the
inverted sweetheart with shoulder straps.


The beautiful waspie. Also sometimes referred to as the waist cincher. This is a much shorter corset. Meant to literally cinch in just the waist area. This is a great little garment to have to wear with just about anything. It acts as more of a wide belt.

It can be worn in a flattering way, over clothing, under clothing, small chested, large chested, basically flattering on everyone.

The waspie goes anywhere from the bottom of the rib cage to the very top of the hips. Also a long line version is available which goes from the bottom of the rib cage to the bottom of the hips. A must have for every corset lover.

Those are the three main corset styles.

There is also the…

Long line:

I almost considered this to be a main corset type due to its recent popularity. You can get this particular style in the form of an over bust, under bust, and a waspie.

Basically a longline corset is one that is longer in the hip area. Instead of ending at the top of the hips, it extends down to the bottom of the hips.

Now these few inches might not seem to make much difference.

( Let’s be honest ladies, those few inches do make a difference!)

The end result is a corset that will help you achieve a more smooth hourglass figure. If you happen to have a longer torso, you will love the look of the long line corset.

Finally a garment that will fit your curves properly!

Costume Corsets:

These corsets are strictly made for fashion and aesthetic reasons. Used
mostly by burlesque dancers and truly unique individuals! They usually have many embellishments and are made from some amazingly talented corsetiers!

These corsets will most definitely cost more. However, they will be worth it as they will be fitted to your body perfectly! Also, you will truly have something unique to wear and call your own.

If you are looking for something couture and truly amazing check out @asphyxiacouture on instagram.

Not only is this person extremely talented, they have an extensive knowledge of corsets and how to craft truly unique pieces. They really are more works of art than a fashion statement!

This concludes the main types of corsets. Please keep in mind that there are variations to each of these. Such as, a pointed busk or a straight line busk. Not to mention the plethora of fabrics and materials that corsets are made from.

In fact, there are so many options for every body type and price range, that if you can't find a suitable corset, you are not looking hard enough!

I will be more than happy to help you on your quest. If I don’t carry the corset you are looking for, please let me know. If I can not find the right size, style, color that you want, I will gladly point you in the right direction.

Look for our upcoming articles on the history of the corset and how it has even shaped history!
(Pun completely intended!)
Tara Schafer,


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