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"At the crossroads of fashion and bdsm, Love Lorn Lingerie is an exploration into feminism, feminity, art and fantasy.

 Love Lorn Lingerie strives to create pieces that excite the imagination. While many of the leather designs sit within the familiar realms of bdsm and bondage, a more delicate touch transforms them into wearable art, feminine pieces that welcome and flatter even those outside of the alternative community.

Individually made to order, Love Lorn Lingerie offers customized sizing for the harnesses, lingerie and collars so everyone can wear them.

Much of the inspiration for the leather harnesses and lingerie come from the idea of power, of taking control of power that someone has taken from you, and of freely giving the power to someone else.

To be utterly vulnerable and yet unafraid, confident in your own ability to be stronger than you could ever imagine."

                                                                                     - Love Lorn Lingerie

The sole owner and operator behind Love Lorn Lingerie is Jessica Ding. She is an amazing and powerful designer and creator of feminine, beautiful and strong creations.

I only have a small fraction of the incredible designs that she has to offer. To see more of her work go to: Love Lorn Lingerie

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