Taurus ( April 21- May 20 )


Element: Earth

Planet: Venus

Body Part:the throat( the voice)

The Taurus needs to embrace and celebrate herself as a woman. We should all take lessons from the Taurus Woman!

She cares little for theory - she deals in substance. Anything she can see, feel, smell, taste. 

A person of the senses. Taurus is known for being sensual due to her the great pleasure she derives from using all her senses to enjoy.

She enjoys soft, flowing, drapery fabrics and styles. Peasant blouses, skirts, anything bohemian in nature. Including decorative silver, muted, dusty pastels and little dresses. (Usually not black!)

Famous Taurus Women:

- Living Dolls and Lovers of Delight

-Andie Macdowell

-Janet Jackson

-Kirstin Dunst

-Traci Lords

-Katherine Hepburn

-Uma Thurman


-Ella Fitzgerald

-Queen Elizabeth II

-Betty Page

Turn Ons:

-tall men


-swimmers builds

-smooth torsos


-silk, satin lingerie, sheets


-erotica, softcore porn



-gifts, surprises

-seduction, stripping


-money, success


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