I have always had a love for all things erotic. Poetry, Photography, Music... And especially the way in which one expresses their eroticism.

Hence my absolute love and admiration of those rare individuals who choose to truly express their alternative selves through fashion.

That is how the idea for Sheer Fetish came about.

I wanted a place where anyone could find something beautiful or sexy to put on to remind themselves of the daring, uninhibited person lurking inside! 

Do not be afraid to show your alternative self!

Some of you may be shy or timid, or come up with an array of excuses as to why you should not feel beautiful or sexy.

"I don't have anyone to wear it for" , "I am too big to wear that." , " I am too small to wear that." , "My ( insert body part ) won't look good in that."

But, ultimately, you are wearing it for you!

When you FEEL beautiful, you are beautiful.

I created Sheer Fetish for you to feel confident with yourself. I have chosen a wide array of beautiful lingerie, daily delicates, and fetish wear to help you express yourself. You will find collections that have been inspired by cosplay, burlesque, retro fashion, and many more.