How to Measure Yourself for a Bra

How to measure yourself for a bra         The forever elusive task of properly measuring yourself for a bra! Considering this is a garment most women wear on a daily basis, I feel we should have had some better training as to fit ourselves properly. Maybe they should have given us a class on it in school! I must admit, for many years, I too wore the wrong size bra. Always blaming the ill fitting garment on my body size and shape. ( I happen to belong to the A cup club.) When in reality, I was simply buying the wrong size and shape for my body type. After some research, I have found the simplest and easiest way to measure yourself for a proper fitting bra! There is actually a lot of information available on the subject now. So if I have not included anything or there is new information available, please let me know. I will be happy to make adjustments. -------------------------------------------------------
***Step 1. Measure the band of your bra. Keep the tape very snug and parallel to the ground.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 ***Step 2. Round the measurement to the nearest whole number. If that number is odd, add 5. If it is even, add 4. ( For example, if you measured a 30 1/4, you would round up to 31, then add 5, leaving you with a 36 band measurement.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
***Step 3.Now measure at the fullest part of your breast, about nipple level. Round that to the nearest whole number. ( Let's say your measurement was 38.)------------------------------------------------------------------------------
***Step 4. Take your band measurement and subtract it from your cup measurement. Find the difference on the chart above to see your cup size. (36-38 is 2, so that's a B cup. Put the band measurement with the cup size and you are all done! In this case you would be a 36B!