How to measure yourself for a bra

You probably hear a lot on the subject of measuring yourself for a bra properly. 

It can sound confusing and sometimes daunting, "You mean I have to do math?"

Fear not, I will make this as easy and painless for you as I can! 

Before I get started I do have to admit that for years I wore the wrong size bra always blaming the discomfort on the manufacturer, or worse yet on my body !

It really does make a difference to wear the right size.

Also, if you prefer, you can simply put your measurements into my handy tool on this page and it will give you your correct size!

O.K. Let's get started:

You will need

-a measuring tape (or you can use a piece of string and a ruler.)

-a piece of paper and writing implement or a good memory

-a non padded bra to wear during measuring. ( no push up bras for this part )



 You will need to measure your bust size. Meaning the fullest part of your bust.

And your under bust or band size. The easiest way to remember this is that your band size is your bra size and the difference between your band size and your bust size gives you the cup measurement. 

 The 3 simple steps to measuring yourself for a Bra:

Step 1: The Band Size:

Measure around the under part of your bust. You want it to be snug but not uncomfortable. You should be able to fit a finger or two under your band comfortably. If you get an odd number, round up.

Step 2: The Bust Size:

Next measure around the fullest part of your bust line.

Step 3: Finding your cup size:

Subtract your band measurement from your bust measurement. Use the chart below to see what your cup size is.

  • 1" = A
  • 2" = B
  • 3" = C
  • 4" = D
  • 5" = DD
  • 6" = DDD & F
  • 7" = G
  • 8" = H
  • 9" = I
  • 10" = J
That's it! So your bra size is your band size along with your cup size! 


    In general... There are always differences, after all, we all have different body types, shapes and sizes. But a good rule is to remember is that your cup size is basically the fullness of your breast.

    Example: I had a friend that for years was wearing a 32 b and sometimes even a 32 a! After, some trial and error, she realized she was actually a 32 c! Big difference! So, even if you measure yourself, go by what feels comfortable.

    If the size you have chosen doesn't feel right, chances are it's not! Experiment, go up or down a cup size. Even try a different band width. 

    Your body will tell you which size is right.

    And remember, sizes may be different according to different brands and designers. Just like your jeans!

    I will be adding the bra calculator soon so you don't even have to do the math!

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. Actually, I love hearing from you!

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