Lacing your Corset and adjusting it by yourself!

There are several ways to lace your corset. We are going to keep this very simple and show you the most popular, modern way of lacing.

Sometimes called the modern way or the bunny ear method. Below you will find a diagram to help.

Basically, start from the top and lace it as though you were lacing your shoes.

When you get to the most narrow point of your corset, (the waistline) leave two loops on either side to use for cinching and tying once you are done lacing. Continue down your corset until you have reached the bottom and tie the two ends together snugly. That's it! 


Way to lace your corset

 On to the question I get asked the most about lacing your corset.

" How can I lace my corset myself?"

What they are really asking is, " O.K. I have this beautiful corset, now how the heck do I put it on and tighten it myself?"

I think most of us have a Gone with the Wind image in our heads about tightening and lacing our corsets. You know the one, with the spoiled Scarlet O'Hara grasping the bedpost while her "nanny" was pulling with all of her might to cinch up Scarlet's corset to the proper measurement.

We also used to not be allowed to vote or even get a loan or credit card of our own. (No joke, even in the early 70's, women could not have a credit card of her own. It had to be through her husband!) 

The point is if we can overcome those monumentous acts, we can definitely learn to lace up and cinch our corsets on our own!

Now of course it would be easier to have someone there to help you since we are all not contortionists. However, If you don't have someone you feel comfortable with to help you, not to worry... it can be done!

All you need is some patience.

oh and a corset!

     The first thing to do is to lay your corset flat.

Next, loosen up the laces from the rabbit ears down to the hips. and then from the rabbit ears up to the bust. 

Remember, do not loosen the laces all the way! You need to still have your rabbit ears to cinch and tie at your waist.

Now for the patient part.

Pick up your corset and carefully try to put it on. You will  find that you may need a few attempts at readjusting the laces.  Remembering not to unlace all the way! It is a bit easier if you make it a little loose on you.

O.K. so no you have a very loose fitting corset on your body. It does not look good at all! I know, I know, But bear with me!

The easiest way to tighten your laces by yourself is to start at your hips and work your way up to your waist. Give it a little tug. Not too much. It will get even more snug when you do the other half of the corset.

Now do the opposite and begin tightening from your bust down to your waist. It is a bit difficult and does take some patience to do this. Most of us, are initial reaction is to grab the laces at the waist and just pull. Please don't.

This not only puts unnecessary strain on the grommets, the laces and not to mention the laces will not just naturally fall into place if you just tug. Think of it like lacing a pair of boots. You have to adjust the laces as you go. 

Once you have the laces snugly where you would like them, now you can cinch at the waist and tie off your laces.


Once again to save your beautiful new garment, criss cross them in the back first and pull with the opposite hand.  For example: Take the "rabbit ear" on the right side of your body in your left hand and the "rabbit ear on the left side of your body in your right hand. 

If your corset has long enough laces, you can even bring them forward to really get a snug fit. 

Then simply tie your "rabbit ears" together and look at how amazing your new corset fits!

One last thing,

it goes without saying that when you take off your corset, do not untie the laces. Simply unhook it from the front. 

I do believe that about covers it. As I stated, it does require some patience, but nothing too difficult.

Also keep in mind that while I know a lot about corsets, I do not consider myself to be an expert on the subject... yet! Therefore, if you know a better way, or if I have missed something, please let me know. I love corsets and learning and experiencing all I can about them. 


If you have anymore questions about corsets and how to lace them, please contact me below and I will be happy to assist you. If I do not know the answer, I will help you to find it.

Thank You,

Tara Schafer

Sheer Fetish