The On Going Gift Card


The gift that REALLY does keep on giving!

Introducing The Sheer Fetish On Going Gift Card...

How it works:

-You purchase the on going gift card for a certain length of time. ( 3,6,9, or 12 months ) 

-You choose what you want to gift each month. (i.e. $100 each month )

-You pay your chosen amount for the duration of the gift card. ( i.e. $100 each month for the 3 months you have signed up for)

-Your loved one receives a a gift certificate via the good old USPS. ( yes a physical copy! ) each month for the amount you have purchased that month.

The beauty of this is:

-You are able to spread out your payments over time. While still being able to give an amazing gift!

-Your loved one gets to go shopping every month that you have purchased!

-PLUS: Any amount not used will be rolled over into the next month!

-You may cancel at any time!

If there is ever any problem, you can choose to cancel at any time! 

-Fully Customizable:

-Simply select the amount you wish to give each month and the duration of the months and VOILA! 

It is truly the gift that keeps on giving! Buy it for a special someone or even yourself! ( after all you are worth it!) 

Purchase Below!